Seething Fury

This is a character I have been working on named Gasha who is very angry with you right now.

The World of the Scroungers

Here are a couple examples of where the Scroungers have built their structures. The first is a small town where Scroungers reside and live out their daily lives. The second is a canyon with tall huts that serve as watch/communication towers.

Scrounger Vehicles

When venturing out far from their protected cities and towns, it is always best to have some wheels. Here are some vehicles the Scroungers use to get around and collect more scrap, including a fully customizable pod car complete with attachments.

Scrounger Equipment

Scroungers spend much time collecting items and scraps from ruined cities and destroyed monsters. They use these items to build and repair everything they can. Some of the most important items they build are the ones they carry around with them as they explore. While they never go anywhere without the means to defend themselves, they have the resources and knowledge to build one on the spot if necessary. Here are some of their weapons and gadgets.


Echidna is an idea for a series I have been working on. It's an animated drama based on another planet. The main character is named Echidna (nicknamed "Kidd") and she's returning to her home world which she has been away from for several years. Although the sci-fi aspect is prevalent, the main conflict arises from the character conflict and an exploration of human emotions. While discovering how things have changed among her old family and friends, she also discovers changes in herself that go far beyond normal. Here are the six main characters.

 From Left to right; Kidd, Max, Dawn, Aurelia, Bomber, and Pyke.

The Scavenger Monsters

Here are some of the villains I designed for Scroungers. While the Scroungers themselves are great inventors and tinkerers, they draw the line at experimenting on living beings. However, the combination of flesh and machine has corrupted some darker souls. These Scavengers are the creators of the twisted monsters that roam the lands. Here are some of the monsters that the Scroungers may face when exploring the world.

Meet the Scroungers

For reasons beyond my comprehension, I have been drawing and hoarding like crazy, which means that there will be a steady stream of drawings and designs coming into this blog.  Many of them will be concepts I made for a game idea I have been working on called "Scroungers."

Scroungers combines the hopelessness and dark overtones of a post-apocalyptic world with the cheeriness and positivity of these strange, little, big-headed characters. These are the Scroungers.  They work hard to keep life rolling along in a hash environment with air that is no longer breathable. Whether they are fighting off scary bio-mechanical monsters or racing for their life from a collapsing skyscraper, they always make time for games and fun experiments. The game combines third-person action and exploration in an MMO world. The classes to choose from are Mechanic, Guard, Surveyor, and Scientist. Have a look: